Making Beautiful Objects.

We're a makers place using laser technology to create beautiful objects using wood, acrylic, paper, glass, metal, fabric and more. We work closely with artists, designers and brands to innovate new products.

Our house style is rooted in the grunge aesthetic & a philosophy that promotes the use of materials in their natural state, accepting that material change is inevitable.

Our History


An Afro-centric furniture and lifestyle products brand originally founded in 2012 by Chuma Anagbado;a multi-talented designer and artist with the stated goal of promoting culturally- rich design practice from Africa.


In 2022 the brand was repurposed, to leverage on the emerging blockchain technology to offer both digital and physical products. 

Through the reimaginaging of 256 named Igbo Uli motifs as patterns created with a range of digital methods and physical applications, the brand offers a stunning range of products including furniture, art, wallpaper, floor coverings, exterior cladding, lighting, fabrics, fashion and everyday use items.


From 2023, the brand set up an design and fabrication workshop in Lagos where we innovate new products.

We take great steps to protect the earth by using green manufacturing processes, ensuring we reduce our carbon footprint where possible.

Our Commitment

Lizaad Studio is totally committed to conceiving, curating, designing and retailing high quality items that are inspired by Africa with a focus on the continent’s heritage, aesthetics, identity & purpose.