We designed this mixed tropical garden for a country house located in an adobe earth south eastern lands. Abba is a town in Nwangele Local Government Area (LGA) in Imo State, Nigeria.

The garden layout starts off with low trimmed carpet grass close to the building and plamnt height increases as one moves to the peripheries of the compound. As it grows in height, we begin to include fruit bearing plants like guava, mango, orange etc, We retained all plants on-site and designed them into the flow.

The garden will have many close knit and initmate sit-out spaces with furniture made from organically found objects/materials - all nested in good shade. We’re retaining the floor levels in the compound and would have brightly mixed flowers on those hedges. At the entrance, we will have a garden that’s as wide as the arch pillar, inlayed with 3 palms. There’s a little undulated and obstacling leading to a mini 2-hole golf green.

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